Technical Advice

Tekna Si.S., thanks to the many collaborations established over the years, with professionals of different technical training, is able to provide a wide range of technical advice, both to private citizens and to companies.

We are able to assist a client, for the realization of a new project, for the resolution of a civil dispute, for the verification of a cost estimate, and for many other design problems.

Based on the specific requests, the practice of good technical advice includes:

Acquisition of official documentation available from the customer, and possibly integrate it with a file access procedure;
Inspection to verify the status of the facts, find any discrepancies or inconsistencies, and if so proceed with the correction of the cadastral documentation;
Drafting of a final technical consultancy report, where the possible recommended design solutions and the related costs will be highlighted.



Request an inspection: the inspection service consists of a technical advice at home. It is an activity that allows to verify, in a preliminary way, the problems present in the building and to evaluate the best design solutions.

Preliminary drafting: at the end of the inspection the technician will issue you with a document in which he will indicate all the operations carried out and then a report will be sent to you with the estimate of the technical interventions necessary for the problem in question.

Recover the cost of the inspection! If after using the inspection service, you decide to take advantage of the recommended technical service, the cost of the service will be discounted by the cost of the planned intervention.


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